If your pregnancy is considered high risk, our team of maternal-fetal medicine specialists, nurse practitioners and genetic counselors will provide you with the treatment and information you need to ensure that you and your baby remain safe.

Our healthcare team monitors conditions such as high blood pressure, placental abruption and pregnancy with multiples that can put you and your baby at risk. They will discuss any prenatal tests and treatments you may need and answer your questions.

Finding and treating health problems as early as possible – and preventing premature birth – can help babies lead longer, healthier lives.

Prenatal care

You may need to go to extra prenatal care checkups so your provider can watch you and your baby for problems. You also may need more prenatal tests such as ultrasounds to check on your growing baby throughout your pregnancy.

Genetic testing

Our genetic counselors can help identify and interpret the risks of an inherited disorder, explain inheritance patterns, suggest testing and outline possible scenarios. We are here to support you, no matter the results.

Risk factors such as age, lifestyle and prenatal care can affect pregnancy, but we work to help you have a healthy, happy pregnancy.

Conditions we treat

  • Screening for pregnancy complications
  • Pregnancy with multiples (twins, triplets and more)
  • Genetic issues
  • Advanced maternal age (35 and older)
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Kidney disease
  • Previous birth defects
  • Previous pregnancy loss
  • Preterm labor